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You know that saying...

“It’s not what you know, but who” 

Well at Hempanel it’s more like...

“Who you know and what they know”

With more than 35 years in the construction industry you tend to pick up a few skilled mates. Put everyone together and you have a band of misfits. Now this ‘band’ have a few things in common, thinking outside the box, solving intricate & large problems, nutting solutions out over a good workshop coffee. 

Yet the biggest question they come back to is -  

“How to be creative and innovative and do it sustainably?”

We all know how long it takes to build a house “traditionally” and today’s housing boom is consuming, labour intensive and costly with several trades working over the top of each other anywhere up to a year.

Hempanel would like to take up the challenge of finishing a dwelling in the same time it takes for a crop to mature.

Think about that cradle-to-cradle system, we're not just talking about the built environment, it’s the communities, the families, the friends, the workmates.

Hempanel has the who, knows the how and supports the us, one cradle at a time! 

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