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The HemPanel building system combines the advantages of hempcrete with the efficiency of contemporary modular building techniques.
The system sequesters carbon, while building healthy, durable, affordable homes, rapidly.

HemPanel is 100% recyclable and made in Australia.

  • Panels & Wall modules
    HemPanel is a wall system based on hemp building practices . This wall system is available as either individual interlocking panels or as prefabricated wall modules. Panels are designed to easily attach to a structural slab or an adjustable stumped footing system. The adaptability of the HemPanel wall system is its strength, fitting seamlessly into various building situations. All structural elements are adaptable to fix or "bolt-up" to HemPanel, ensuring that our product can be securely attached to any structure & vice versa. In our pursuit to integrate seamlessly with existing building & construction practice, our installation process aligns with traditional tilt panel systems. This familiarity is crucial. One that can be worked by all trades. Panel specifications Panel sizes: 1200mm x 2700mm & 3000mm 900mm x 2700mm & 3000mm Thickness: 190mm to 300mm Weight: 330kg/m3 R-Value: Thermal resistance - 1.928 (m2K/W) 250mm thick = R 3 Bush fire attack : BAL FZ
  • HemPanel Modular House
    HempLab, a prototype for our HemPanel wall system, showcases the potential of a hemp-based, prefabricated small house. This 36.5 square meter dwelling was constructed in four days, reaching a secure "lock-up" stage within a week. Most panel sizes used for the HempLab are 1.2 x 3m x 200mm thick. Internal & external walls rendered with a 10mm thick lime render. Modular housing is not just a luxury solution; it spans a wide range of markets & can be an affordable and practical option for various housing needs.
  • Customisation & design options
    HemPanels wall systems are a flexible way to build. The flexibility in design allows for a range of options, from basic to highly customized designs, catering to different budgets, preferences & needs. HemPanel is made to order as each project is unique.
  • Application in affordable housing
    Modular construction is increasingly being used in affordable housing projects. The efficiency of HemPanel makes it a suitable option for creating high-quality, affordable housing with many sustainable attributes.
  • Design Development
    Collaborate with our team to develop a comprehensive architectural plan that integrates our HemPanel into your building design. We will ensure that your vision aligns seamlessly with the sustainability & performance benefits of HemPanel.
  • Cost Estimate
    Based on your final design & specifications, we will provide you with a detailed cost estimate for your HemPanel building. Remembering we are made to order, as each project is unique. We are committed to transparency, helping you stay within your budget.
  • Production
    A production timeline will be established for your project, which will be programmed & co-ordinated with your chosen builder & site team. All specifications are worked through with every team member. We use high-quality, Australian sourced sustainable materials to craft panels that meet the highest industry standards.
  • Delivery
    To ensure a seamless delivery, clients will need to engage a registered local builder to establish the site & foundations. This contractor can also manage the installation & connection of HemPanel. Permits & insurances are to be coordinated by the client &/or onsite construction team.
  • The finish line savings
    With the successful completion of your HemPanel dwelling, life starts here.
  • Sustainability
    Our HemPanel is a nature building block. Carbon-negative: Hemp captures more CO2 during growth than is emitted during production, making it a carbon-negative material. HemPanel manufacturing embraces a zero-waste, Cradle to Cradle approach, shifting from the traditional "take, make, dispose" model to a sustainable & regenerative process, benefiting both people & the planet.
  • Engineered
    HemPanel is an engineered wall system that is adaptable to all site conditions & building design. Our engineering adapts to your design or within collaboration with our/your team.
  • Australian Made
    The lime binder used in our HemPanel is sourced & produced in Australia. Increasingly, our industrial farmers are recognizing the advantages of hemp, leading to a growing supply reaching us, the end-users. All works are 100% produced in Australia supporting local farmers, trades & design team. Fostering our ethos of live local, support local, grow local.
  • Building Permits
    Hempcrete has been approved for use in many Australian buildings & is assessed for compliance with the National Construction Code (NCC) as a Performance Solution. This is the same approach required for the use of strawbale and earth walled buildings
  • Bushfire Rating (BAL)
    Hemp-masonry has proven its fire resistance to BAL-FZ. HemPanel is designed to comply with your site relevant BAL rating.
  • Off the shelf back-up
    The HemPanel system adopts “off-the-shelf” components from other Australian manufactures. This means if site conditions change or alterations are required, HemPanel can direct builders to local suppliers.
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